Benefits of Leasing

  • Tax Advantages  There are tax advantages to many leases, some of which include the ability to expense the monthly lease payment, accelerated depreciation and "off the balance sheet" financing. Consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific tax benefits.  

  • Increased Buying Power  By making monthly lease payments you'll be able to get more of the equipment your company needs, sooner, without emptying your case reserves or bank lines. 

  • Helps Preserve Cash  Would you ever pay cash to an employee for 3 years of work upfront? Of course not! Leasing allows you to pay for the equipment while you are using it. This lets you to save capital for business expenses, payroll, and more. 

Rule of thumb Lease depreciating assets such as equipment and pay cash for appreciating assets like marketing and projects. Revenue is created by the use of equipment, not the ownership of it. 

  • Keeps Equipment Current  Leasing gives you the ability to upgrade to newer, more  advanced equipment, giving your company a huge competitive advantage.

  • Flexibility & Speed  Unlike most traditional banks, we have 100% financing including shipping, taxes and install with no money down. Additionally, we offer same day approvals, a simple two minute application, terms up to 84 months, minimal paperwork and no red tape. 

  • Protects Against Inflation & Rate Increases  Since you're paying fixed monthly payments, when inflation and rates inevitably increase, leasing can gaurd against the future dollar value decrease and bank interest rate hikes.