Partnership Opportunity

Be an expert salesperson by using our financing programs to sell your equipment! 

Double your commissions using financing to selling equipment - Make more by selling differently!

Why Partner with Dao Financial Solutions?

One reason: Make More Money!

Participate in referral program
and earn commissions!

  • 80% of companies want to finance; 80% are embarrassed to ask for financing. Help them “save face” - offer it upfront! 

  • We pay you upfront. No more chasing down and waiting for payments from customers; we do that! 

  • Our best equipment vendors double equipment sales by using financing and many receive more in commissions from us by using our financing programs than they receive on the actual equipment they sell! 

Offering payments kills sticker shock and your competition! 

  • Use low monthly finance payments to overcome your #1 objection - Equipment cost sticker shock.

  • Your conversations changes from “we can’t afford $25,000 and need to shop around” to “we can afford $499 a month; where do we sign?!”  

  • Your competition is quoting monthly payments, are you? If you're not offering payments proactively, your competition is so you're losing deals.